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The garbage disposal is vital to any Texan’s home kitchen. When you try to dispose of your orange peels, food wastes, and apple cores, you don’t want to use some simple trashcan. You probably want to grind them up while you’re already doing dishes by the sink. If this sounds like you, a disposing unit is exactly what you need.


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Would you like one of our plumbers to install a garbage disposal for you? If you're worried about your disposing unit and you’re ready to swap it out for a fresh one, let us know. We can discard your old mechanism so you can enjoy a fixture that works seamlessly and precisely for your kitchen.

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Pasadena plumbers will fix your garbage disposal in no time

Have you been dealing with some garbage disposal drama? Maybe you have a unit that isn’t working right, or you’ve been looking for a business to help you get one installed. Whatever the case may be, leave it up to our professionals over here at Plumbing Service Pasadena and you will have the best results.

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Looking for some helpful tips that will help you maintain your unit and avoid repairs and replacements for as long as possible? If this sounds like you, then we’ve got some helpful hints for ya. Try running water down your sink while you are disposing and grinding up your wastes. This will help it flush out your drainpipes smoothly so you won’t have any backup.



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With Plumbing Service Pasadena around for the long haul, you will always have a garbage disposal serviceman around the corner. Contact our phone reps today If you'd like to hear more about our services as well as some available appointment times. Our pros know what you need, and they’re ready to help you get it.

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** Had to get my building up to par before selling it. They did a lot of work and gave me a fair price for it. Felt like it could have cost way more so that’s nice.

There were leaking water pipes in my attic and they replaced them. It was crazy hot up there and they still did it reasonably fast. I will recommend them to friends.**

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